What is a Metamorph?

You ever know a Dominant or Submissive that could just play with everybody?
If so, you probably know what I call a Metamorph…

I borrowed that name from a Star Trek Episode (TNG, Episode 5×21 – yes you can learn about the “perfect” Submissive in Star Trek) to describe a person that is so flexible with their likes, that they fit into almost every playstyle…

Metamorphs are nothing new but it pays off to understand them and I want to explain a little bit about them.


What makes a person a Metamorph?

Essentially what they like – for instance if they like Humiliation, they like all kinds of them. It doesn’t really matter for them if they enjoy that in a setting of being exposed, in pet play or in objectification…

Metamorphs are not enjoying a specific practice but more everything around a certain feeling.

They might have preferences about how to enjoy these feelings most – but they enjoy a wide variety of options and seldom dislike something to the point that they can’t enjoy a scene or situation.


What do Metamorphs want?

One of the most important things you have to understand is that they are usually feeding off of the play ideas of others. That doesn’t mean they don’t have an imagination or they don’t come up with play ideas all on their own – but they need a basic understanding of what direction they have to go.

Really think about this: From their point of view, the direction or setting for the play itself is irrelevant to them. Because they are so flexible and have fun with every setting (as long as it fulfills one of their likes) they are very much interested to use that flexibility to accommodate the fantasies of their partners as much as possible.

This also makes them to a certain degree people pleasers because they usually find it pleasing to fulfill others desires and have their own fun with that.


Are there Downsides to being that flexible?

Most metamorphs I got to know, need some kind of basic idea from their partner to actually participate in the play. This can be very frustrating if you want them to take charge and use their own ideas. From their perspective, they have too many choices to do something so they want to pick something the other person enjoys… If they pick the wrong thing they see it as a failure because they would be happy with everything else as well. Even as Dominants it is never about their needs in this regard because they can fulfill their needs anyway with whatever setup they play in.

Also doing only one kind of play can become boring to them over time. They enjoy their flexibility and don’t want to do only one thing. That said, most relationships evolve over time and you seldom stick with only one play idea that never changes.

Two metamorphs together have also some struggle because they need some premises on which they can build play. Especially if both like to be flexible and change it up, this can be the source of some frustration until both sit down and clear up how they want to enjoy the play.


How can I spot if my partner is a Metamorph?

One good indicator is if you ask them about their likes and they are very general about that. Also, common answers are things like “I just want to please my partner” or “I enjoy everything my partner does”

These are not guarantees as there are many other types of Dominants and Submissives that give these answers but it is a good start.

Also always assume that they don’t know they are so flexible – a lot feel like they just never found out what they really liked. The best way to find out is an exploration session with different scenarios around the same likes.

Oh and just by any chance you are wondering – women are much more likely to be metamorphs then men…

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