Synergie between Dominant & Submissive

Everybody knows the bond between a Dominant and a Submissive is a very special thing – it starts slow, brings joy & fun and is one of the most versatile and amazing relationship models you can have (if you like aspects of BDSM) – with or without sex!

It also helps in our daily life – Submissives get the structure & freedom to push themselves and the Dominant gets the unconditional support and encouragement that he needs to excel.

In essence, we complement and support each other – are pushed and being pushed by our counterparts.

Being in a relationship, any relationship is a great thing… far too many people today don’t get what relationships are about and the old values and notions get called “romantic” as if that was something bad… It isn’t!

I personally think that BDSM Relationships have here a little advantage because the core values for ‘Playing’ are also often the core values you like to have in a romantic relationship.

Trust, honesty, loyalty & communication – these are the building blocks of every deep and loving relationship.

Maybe that is also a reason why so many younger people and especially women are so drawn to the BDSM scene nowadays.


So what is this synergy I am talking about?

The synergy comes from being in a BDSM relationship!
Yes, you read right (and yes it is that easy) – just being in one with a Submissive you can guide or with a Dominant you can trust is a very helpful and often misunderstood tool.

People that are focused on their path, that strive for the best in life, that are open and enthusiastic about ideas and that work towards goals are the ones that are most successful and most fulfilled.

A BDSM Relationship works as a catalyst to get more focused, to work towards goals and to get things done… and when you are not giving your best your Dominant or Submissive will push you towards it…


But let us dive in some examples where you will see what I mean…

Submissive [JP] had to do her Thesis to get her Masters Degree. She did the research and preparation for the Thesis but originally planned of maybe doing it a semester later – through talks, we decided together that it would be a good idea to try it in her current semester. So she took a week and started writing. After the second day she started to drag her feet and asked me for help – so I helped… I made her call me every time when she procrastinated, made her do punishments when she didn’t make enough progress and talked with her in the evening to distract and relaxed her…

After that week her thesis was done and had a passing grade…


Submissive [KO] was a student and had a big-time management problem, she tried some methods but lacked the motivation to go through with it…
We discussed what she needed to do, which tasks would be more and which less important and then we decided on punishments and rewards for her.

6 Weeks later she was on track for her classes again, she missed less than ~5% of her appointments and had great results in tests and lab results…


Submissive [NG] was very stressed at work when we got to know her – she worked in a high-pressure environment and had often good but also harsh feedback.
Through our relationship with [Miss] and me, we helped her to unwind and keep her day a lot more stress-free.
She was also into sex with constantly changing partners and had at times too much of them – as her Dominant I was in charge of managing her in that regard and also curbed her risk-seeking behavior so that her “meetings” were a lot more fun.


All this is of course on the Submissive side and I picked some examples where the synergy was even measurable to show the advantages.

But also as a Dominant, you have a lot of advantages.

My Submissives are responsible for pushing me towards more business opportunities, a better understanding of friends & family, cheering me up in hard times and relaxing me when I was in high-pressure situations myself.


For both sides it brings a lot to have a BDSM relationship in the background… be it that you are in a meeting or with some Bosses of yours, or with a customer…

You know when you come back home you have your Place and somebody who relies on you but also gives you strength… and that is something wonderful!

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