My longtime friend

Submissive SD


About our Time...

SD was one of my early submissives and is one of my best friends in life.

I met SD on an old BDSM Board in Germany

She was doing her Masters then and we used BDSM to keep her motivated and on point.

She would teach me a lot about how to approach things and how her mind works – this would be very valuable because I had a deep insight in the inner workings of another Submissive for a first time.

Although we never played in person and only tried a voice call once – we had some of the best plays I remember via messenger.

Later after our relationship, she would become a Dominant herself and I could give her the insights of the Dominant play side as she taught me the insights of the submissive mindset.

SD is today very successful and has a Husband and a child. We still write from time to time and keep each other up to date about our life, what is going on and a lot more…

She is a long-term friend and to some parts one of my oldest companions. I am very honored that I had her as a Submissive and still have her in my life.


To play with SD was like a very slow but stretched out orgasm.
She did understand how to give good feedback but also provoke reactions from me.

I loved to play mind games with her and she loved to get into my fantasies.

Moments I liked with her

Posts where I talk about her