~ MISS ~


About our Time...

C or Miss is my Wife and simply put the Love of my life – You will read many references to her in my Blogs and she is one of the most important people in my life.

I met C when I was 17, we first talked in a chat at a time where people didn’t understand what the Internet actually was or would become.

Shortly after that, we would start to call, then to visit. We would move in together and are inseparable since then.

I miss her if she isn’t around for too long.

In essence, C is the only person I can always trust and that always has my best interest at heart.

C also was my first submissive and encouraged me to be what I am today. She gave me the freedom I needed to explore BDSM in all its facets and still stood by me when times got hard, wired and crazy.

Sexually C is a bit complicated – she needs a push to get out of her shell and other people need to understand that first till they realize what a great intuitive and sensitive person she is – but after one breaks her shell, one realizes that she is so amazing

Simply put she is the Alpha to my Omega!

You will sometimes also read about her as “Miss” because she is sometimes Dominating my or our submissives and I really like to think of her as the powerful Miss on my side.


    Play with C is very unique for me and very intimate.
    She is someone I can let go with, without any fear of being Judged or need to apologize for afterward.

    Moments I like with her