the unicorn

Submissive NG


About our Time...

NG was our Sub for 9 amazing months.

We met her in a German Dating Portal and from the start she was fun, eager and a bit pushy but in a good sense.

NG was the typical outgoing, extrovert, poly relationship women with a big touch of humanity.

NG was fun all along and pushed C to do a lot with her – in turn, I pushed NG to some borders she wanted to explore.

The really cool thing in our dynamic was that she included C really in every aspect of play without me pushing it – we did a lot of stuff together and the 2 women became quite good friends which ended in C having a crush on NG…

The threesomes were some of the best we had because it was never about one person only – it was always about sharing and loving each other and making the other 2 happy!
In this quest, we literally lost time more than once and just emerged after 6-9 hours of fun, play, love, and some hardship for the women.

That said, what NG really made special was that we could write and talk with her all day. In our 3-Way Chat, we would talk about a lot of topics and the girls had fun tea tease each other or me.

Sadly after 9 (amazing) months NG found a new partner and stopped contacting us – we know she is happy and we wish her all the best but we will cherish her memory and hope we find again somebody like her


With me, NG did let herself go. We would play sometimes harsh and then also very soft and eager to please.

In play with C, she was very insightful but also demanding, which was the perfect mix to get C out of the shell and let her explore a whole new world.

Our best moments, however, were when we played all together – it was just a fluid thing in which everybody would get pleasured and nobody was forgotten…

Moments I liked with her

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