Setting the mood for play

Setting the mood for play is an Art – one that a lot of Dominants don’t care about but it is really amazing what you can do with just a little bit of foresight.

Most of the ideas here are also low budget and don’t cost much time or effort…



Lightning can do a lot of good – the best light is like you have in the dusk, a non-bright yellow or orange. The best way is that you have a dedicated lamp that makes that kind of light for the room or a dimmer for the normal light.

Also always liked are candles, their light is very natural and you will feel a difference in the room right away. Just spread out some of them over the floor and see how the different light plays with the shadows.

Use tealight so you can be sure that when you do your session nothing is burning… this way you can sleep in after the session without worrying about your house burning down.
Also, make sure nobody can step into them and do not use the wax for wax play unless you know what you do.

Pro Tip:
Use LED tealights – they are cheap and have no danger to them – however, they don’t have a real flame so they don’t generate the warmth that tealights do.



Music connects emotions to your inner self – be it an upbeat song for flogging or the soft fantasy pice for sensual play. All of that can be pretty fun and anchors your feelings to that music.

If you want to become an experienced Dominant that can play with emotions then look into music and its impact on the psyche. It´s really amazing what you can do with it…

Pro Tip:
Plan your session in advance and make a Playlist according to your session – you will not always do your whole plan but syncing up the first 2-3 scenes with the music can really do a lot for the Submissive mindset



There is a German saying that states “love goes through the stomach” – it means that good food is actually something you can use to facilitate love…

Sharing food can be a very primal experience if you do it in a romantic setting.

Good food with some alcohol and some light and interesting conversation is the foreplay of foreplay for a lot of human beings…

As for which food – that’s your pick, but Fish is most of the time very easy to cook and can be used over the season with different vegetables. It also fits with a lot of different wine options.

Pro Tip:
Frozen Fruit can be pretty cool, especially in the Summer – they taste sweet, relax, cool and can be used for a bit of play as well.


Stress Reducer

A visit to the Sauna can be quite relaxing and after that, a good round of sensual sex can be an amazing thing.

Short of that, you can always have some massage oil at hand to massage your partner or get a message.

I personally prefer the massage oil candles, these are candles that are filled with massage oil and they can burn, make the oil hot and then you can use them – its wax play and a message in one and quite an experience as a Submissive.

Pro Tip:
If you use Condoms, get the Fun & Play Massage Gel from Durex – it’s not destroying condoms as normal massage oil would do

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