Saying Thanks

I personally am very thankful today and in the past months for a lot of people around me. I think we all should try to be thankful for what we have and these are not empty words so let me explain a bit in detail.

As the follower of this blog well know I was pretty much on the top of the world a couple of months ago. My Job was going great and in my private life, I started to plan some incredibly exciting changes.

Then came a big blow with [JP] decision to break up and I lost myself… I spiraled down into sorrow… I wasn’t productive for weeks and lost myself in pain and despair…

I always could sympathize with people that were in love and then break it off – but I never could grasp how much of an Impact it actually would be if it happens to me.

You see, I only love – really love – two women in my life: [C] & [JP] and I never had to cope with the kind of feelings that I had and have to endure now…

Adding to that I had to overcome the constant advice from strangers and also friends on the topic which was summarily garbage…

“Get over her”
“She is not worth it”
“It´s better for you this way”

were some of the comments I got from people around me…
Nobody of them really understanding what they were talking about.

I think I could make a whole post about such comments and the psychology behind it… People just say these phrases because they think it will help but they have usually no clue about the situation or the real facts involved. Most of the people commenting like this never met the other person and so it was pretty easy for me to see that they weren’t really invested in my best interest but more in a quick solution with the appearance of being in my best interest…

That said I also had some incredible people around me that helped me quite a lot – one very important quality was that they didn’t just give me an “easy solution” but that they actually listened and cared for what was going through – they helped me with talking, figuring out solutions and structuring what I thought and maybe even sometimes felt.

They helped me to understand that every problem has a solution but that often we can’t make the other person see that solution.


I want to thank the people around me with this Blog post that help me through my hard time.
I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to handle my life in the way I do right now if it wasn’t for them.

Thank you!

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