Reflection on 2019

I know this blog is wired – its a mix out of personal things and some knowledge I acquired over the years… that said I think this Blog is exactly the right way…

It´s the end of the year and I like to reflect on what I did – the good, the bad, the in-between…

It is a good way to track where I stand in life and to set new goals and find out what I can do better.

I am pretty happy to say that my life improved in all Dimensions.


This year’s focus was definitely my Company and other business opportunities and I’m very happy about the progress that we made.

[C] is a big help in a lot of areas, she isn’t giving up on her normal day job but even the stuff she does on the side is amazing and really saves me a lot of time I can concentrate on other key areas.

We are currently on a Video Course Project that will be released end of this/start of next year. It is the end result of our plans we made 9 months ago when we had the idea for it. Our goal is to have a positive impact on society as well as make money with it.

We also set our eyes on 3 other project Ideas we will try to accomplish next year. Our focus on each Idea is to improve our community!

My Company saw an increase this year of over 100% in contract Values and clients. I do a lot more work than I have fun with and have a big impact on my client’s success.

Right now we are looking at expanding the company in new Areas


This is the second key area I had a lot of work to do this year.

A year ago I was in a pretty bad spot because I lost [JP] only a couple of months ago. That said, I realized through the help of some friends pretty quickly that I had to get better and move on for my own sake.

I am very thankful that [C] gave me the time and space so I could pull myself out of that hole while still managing to push me out of my comfort zone regarding BDSM & Normal Events.

She really didn’t have it easy with her own feelings on the line – She always likes to be the strong and closed one but I also know deep in her she had to fight some urges of her own.

As some may have spotted in the last posts we have found many new friends that I can share my knowledge and can learn more from.
We established 2 Groups that do Workshops – think of it as on hands training for Dominant and Submissives. It is a lot of fun and a unique experience – we are very happy to be in an area where we can do this and find others to learn from.

The other big thing is that we have a new Submissive and official Girlfriend in our inner circle.

As some maybe know from my values I don’t like to talk a lot about current relationships but I can say that we are amazingly happy with her.
She just has a spirit and positivity that is wonderful.

We got to meet her Parents, Friends and got pretty well accepted for being a threesome relationship. So I think that shows how serious it is and how much we enjoy each other.


Right now I have a cold and don’t feel the best but to be honest this year I improved on my health quite a lot. I’m running every morning if possible, I’m doing some additional sport and keep fit.

I also feel very good and positive – my whole mindset changed a lot in the last year and I am very happy about that.


All in all, I am at a good point in my life. I’m not where I want to be – I want a lot more then what we have right now, but I also think I know now how to accomplish that and how to get even more joy out of that kind of life.

I’m sure there will come harder times and things that will push me down in the future but I also think that I built up some systems to either compensate or at least support these bad times…

That said, I want to thank all the people that surround me – even if not by name I think its a good way to convey how important these people are.
Be it the guy with the long hair that I do business with, the people from my flock, the people from the munches or my two absolutely amazing girls! – I am thankful for all of you and the time we have.

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