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I could not find the time in the last couple of months to write here.
Sadly I have to set my priorities in a different way and cannot put all my free time in this blog. 

Because this Blog is very Important to me and some people even send me private messages how I am, I thought I give you a status update why I don’t write as much right now and what has happened in my life, that I need my time to concentrate on something else.

So let me start with some Website changes:

  1. J was renamed to JP
    This was done to support some future changes to the Blog and to have some kind of Naming convention.
  2. I don’t post in the diary part of this website anymore and will probably remove the old ones – the idea was once to have this part as a kind of update point for close friends but I realized that I write most things down for myself and only want to share with [C] (and in the future with somebody else – but read on for that)
  3. For now, I will only post sporadically – so if you are interested in my writing please accept push messages via the notification bell at the bottom right corner of the screen.
    As soon as I have more time I have a lot more things I want to open up and create for you readers.

Some people are probably not really interested in why and how I arrived at this point so for all the “too long, don’t read” people here is the gist of it:

  1. My work is really demanding now because I expand my Company rapidly and this comes with a lot of perks (namely more resources I have at my disposal) but also with a demanding schedule.
  2. [C] is working with me on a lot of Elements in our lives, namely investments, the company, side projects and organizing social and BDSM related meetings.
  3. [C] and I have a new Submissive together since February

If you are only interested in the TL;DR you can stop reading. For everybody else here is some more information:

My company is growing – and that with an exponential pace. [C] has all hands to do with her work in our company with Marketing and Analysis of client data and the best steps to do for them in the future. A year ago her job was only “on paper” and accumulated to scanning a couple of bills – today I wouldn’t even get through one client meeting without her support and critical analysis.
On my front a lot changed as well – I’m running 3km every morning before I join skype calls and then work on projects of which we have quite a lot now.

My company changed substantially away from a “Single Programmer” to a full-service provider and adviser on business strategy – we work with multiple start-ups as well as some high-profile clients.

This is something I worked on for now almost 2 years. (with a pause in between because of the break-up with [JP] ) and I’m very happy with how it is going right now.

Added to that comes that we are working on multiple side Projects – for example, we found a way to use our passion for relationships to help other people.

Last but not least a very important thing happened at the start of the year: We met a new submissive. She is young and inexperienced in BDSM – so exactly what I liked in the past but also something I wanted to avoid…

That said, she has just such a positive spirit, she is really kind and just a totally different type of person then what you expect in today society.

In the past, we often had submissives around us that were very fatalistic or only interested in their own interest & accomplishments.
This, what we have right now, is very very different from that – and we are all three very happy and excited to have it.

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