Let’s face it… In no relationship that includes a woman you can get around the topic of female hygiene and how you handle the “red time of the month” in play.

I don’t find this topic problematic or gross – if you do, this post is not for you and you do need to grow up!

So here a hands-on quick guide of one of the best hygiene products I know – Menstrual Cups

Here is why you should care and think about Menstrual Cups:

  • They are very cheap
  • They are even usable in critical situations
  • You can still do a lot of play

They are very cheap

Menstrual Cups are a “one-time” investment of around 20-40$ and can be used for years. Although I would probably replace one after some time, 5-10 years are actually not a problem for these little buggers to survive and do their job. The only thing you need to clean them is some water and soap and that you cook it in hot water.
You save money and do something for the environment because it is way less trash then the alternatives

They are even usable in critical situations

Ever had the situation that you needed to change your tampon or pad and didn’t have one with you? – Me neither, but if that problem would come up you are pretty in luck with Menstrual Cups because they don’t leave you with no option… You empty it and put it in again after a small wash. Yes somebody might see what you are washing but its way better then everybody seeing your bleeding all over your clothes…

You can still do a lot of play

This is the part why you as a Dominant care…
You can still do a lot of play!

The only thing that you can’t do is have normal Sex or insert a Dildo or Vibrator in her Vagina… But your fingers are absolutely okay. Yes, you need to be a bit careful (depending on the cup and her anatomy) but you can actually touch her G-Spot and give her the feeling of penetration without getting even one drop of blood on your hands… you also get her normal responses of getting wet in play and from the outside you don’t see that she is on her period anyway…

So all in all a sweet deal… If your Submissive uses one…

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