Welcome to my Advents Calendar for 2018

Every day you will find here a new task till Christmas – the tasks will be often of a sexual nature and we will mix different tasks with different aspects throughout the Christmas time.


All our little Tasks are for Submissives – its a journey from the 1st of December till the 25th.

We assume you have some toys at hand, whenever you don’t have a suitable toy try to find something appropriate as a replacement.

All Tasks can usually be performed with or for a partner – so if you have a Dominant you can still participate and we assume you know how to include them into your tasks.

Also because this is the Christmas Season and we want you to be attentive, we forbid orgasms for the duration of this Calender unless we explicitly allow it (as long as your Dominant allows for that.)

We want you to be joyful and concentrated on your sexuality and therefore build up for the Christmas Night.

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