How to celebrate special days

We all know the Special days that come along once in a while.
For me, the most important dates are Birthdays, relationship anniversary, Christmas and special one time occasions.

However, I don’t like to celebrate birthdays for myself.
This year, for instance, I didn’t feel up to enjoy my birthday so I made a normal day out of it to not dwell too much in the past…

That said I enjoy making these days very special for the people close to me and I always try to make them a wonderful experience for my wife [C] and my Submissives.

For [Miss] I did a couple of surprises… for instance when we were very fresh together I would ask her parents if I could visit for Christmas. They said yes and her mother even got me from the Train station at one of the coldest Christmas mornings I have in my memories.

When at their home I would go to [Miss] ´s room and lurk there till she was done with some Christmas preparations to surprise her with me being there…

Her last Birthdays we would Spend with Submissives of us – one was a surprise visit by [NG] paired with a relaxation and sauna day. It would be one of the last occasions where we would be all 3 together.

The other one was a Visit in the Netherlands where we got a City Tour by [JP] and then visited the amazing Underground with her together.

To have success with these kinds of things you need to have planned them way in advance. Don’t start a surprise a week before the date, because you will have some big problems to make it work – especially if it involves a longer Tripp.

Ideally, you plan ahead a couple of months what you want to do and gather all the information and make all the plans, only then you contact friends if you need help. Wait for calling friends till the right moment – to soon and you risk them saying something so try to wait till the latest possible moment – but also take into account that the friends might have other stuff to do as well. Last possible Moment doesn’t mean the evening before the special day.

For instance, [Miss] and I planned already a surprise visit for [JP] months before her actual birthday. We wanted to visit her and to go to a nice dinner with her and her friends, as well as take her to a special place for her following weekend.

We scouted the places, asked for reservations and also had the contacts of her best friend that I would contact than to set the Dinner up.

Things like that – The Idea, the planning, and the execution matter and they make these special days as they should be.

Naturally, things can go wrong… Life is often complicated and plans get changed!
In these moments you always should remember to keep on going. It´s not a bad day because of some changed plans – It’s just a different one that isn’t what you planned…

On this note, I like to congratulate [JP] to her Birthday. I would have liked to spend it with her and her friends as much as her new special day which will come next year to let her stay in Europe… – in that sense, Excelsior!

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