How Salvat was born

So you want to know in what place a Dominant like me is born?

I don’t know about every Dominant but I know about me and where I came from.
I came from the darkest corner of despair, desperation, and self-doubt.

When I started to become a Dominant I felt I was a Monster and a Devil. I felt like I was what is wrong in the world with men. Even today I still hear the voice of my mother that told me I never should hurt a woman, especially not in a sexual encounter… I’m there to protect, I’m there to make things better…

When I first made the decision I wanted to be a Dominant and live this lifestyle I wanted to leave my beloved [C] because in my mind I was a Monster and she deserved so much more…

I was trembling in her arms telling her what kind of things I want to do with women and waiting for her judgment that would tell me to go wherever I wanted as long as it was far far away from her – in my mind there was no chance that she would be associating with somebody like me who wants to humiliate & degrade women in different ways, punish them when they don’t do what I say and please me in every way I want regardless if it is their wish or not – in sum I wanted to oppress women!

But [C] didn’t get angry with me, she didn’t push me away and she didn’t scream at me as I was expecting… She said: “Sounds somehow fun, we should try that…”

THAT was the moment Salvat was born…

It took a couple of years to understand that everything I did think and everything people like my mother told me was simply wrong… I’m not a Monster or the Devil!

There isn’t something wrong in what I do!
If I degrade and humiliate my Submissive, she likes it!
When I give her rules to live by and thereby provide structure to support her, she feels not only controlled but important.
When I punish her, I show her that she is important to me because I care about what she does and how she does it.

Being a Dominant – especially a male one – isn’t something wrong, it is something wonderful!

I’m responsible for uncountable happiness
I’m responsible for immeasurable growth
I’m responsible for incredible pleasure

I am what a Submissive needs to feel needed, cherished, loved and fulfilled! – and it feels AMAZING!

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