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Cooking is something I enjoy when I have company and I can just enjoy the process.

I like when submissives cook for me and I love to cook together with my submissives.

It´s not only about getting food – it is also about having fun and making something together to enjoy later – just like a nice Mindplay that gets started, prepared, implemented and then finished.

Today I was cooking fresh Salmon from the local Market with C.
After our Trip to the USA (and the Jetlag after), it was the first meal we prepared together for just the fun of it.

I really missed it!
In the last weeks before the Trip, I had a lot of other things on my mind and even now I still do…

Anyway – like any good food, Mindgames and distractions are also fun, so here some things you can do to your submissive or even with friends when they cook and want to be kinky…

Caress her body

This sounds really simple but its something that can be subtle and also very immersive for her and her mind. Just touch her, that can be a hug from behind, some pinches in her nipples, some light biting on her neck… Everything is game and all of the submissive’s body is part of the playfield.

Let her Edge

Letting your submissive edge while she cooks can be very funny. You only have to keep in mind that you can’t let her handle hot things (including yourself) while you do it because otherwise, things will start to burn or go wrong…

Impair her movement

This can be done very softly just with holding her hand and not letting her use it fully – it adds a little extra fun without risking your whole Dinner.
Of course, if you like risks then you can also use a bit of Bondage, tie the hands or part of the whole body together and let her Cook in that kind of way

Use Toys

The most obvious choice but still very effective… A but-plug, some love balls, a collar, and a leash can do a lot to a submissive if you mix the sensations right… but be careful, some of them have quite intense orgasms if you don’t keep an eye on them 😉

Don’t let submissives cook naked – its fun to watch and has a really nice ring to it but regardless if you cook, fry or bake: There are always food bits, hot water and oil flying around that can make permanent marks if not careful.
So if you want your submissive to look like she does now after a year of cooking for you this way, tell her to wear at least an apron. I personally like them to be in light clothing so they don’t get a scratch until I lay hands on them.

The best thing is that if you want to punish a submissive you already have all the Instruments there that you could ever dream of in reach.

I personally like the wooden spoon or spatulas who have the right amount of zap for the energy you put in, but I also know from other Doms that they like to use the plastic utensils for pain or humiliation.

Hope you have fun with these 🙂

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