Brats are a sub-type of Submissives and a lot of people have problems understanding them properly.

To make clear what Brats are about, I talk here about a 100% Bratty Submissive.
As always nuance is the key when you handle an individual!.

Brats are the complete opposite to a Services Submissive and are often seen as a more demanding version of a typical Submissive.

Brats need a dedicated Dominant to spend time and energy on and with them, to feel useful, energized and loved.

How are Bratty Submissives in relationships?

Brats are often described as mischievous, disobedient, rebellious, attention seeking and sometimes as flat-out unruly.

Contrary to Service Submissives, Brats thrive on conflict – in fact, they love and want to fight and it is a common theme that you find not only in their sexual live but in their vanilla life as well.

More importantly, they want to lose the fight in the end!
After that, they want to get put in their place and punished for their misbehavior accordingly. If they don’t they often try to act out even more.

For that purpose, they push their Dominant in various ways to get a reaction from them. They don’t want to serve somebody weak that can’t handle them and they often test how far they can push things
to various degrees, which is why some Dominants find them tiresome and exhausting.

Brats are often extroverts by nature and very outgoing in their ways, but there are also some introverts that enjoy the dynamic of pushing and getting pulled back.

Brats are living in cycles that can stretch from being extremly down and even borderline depressed to being very playful and pushing so far that other people just combust & explode.

What do they enjoy in play?

For a Brat, it doesn’t feel good if they don’t get put back in their place. Just Ignoring the Brat or letting her have it their way as long as she wants, will not stop her and the Brat will get even more frustrated in the process. They enjoy seeing that their actions have consequences, that they can rile people up and that they have to pay a price for that.

Typical play scenes can include that the Brat is pushing on all mental levels.
Sentences like “Is that all?” or “You don’t scare me!” are typical and are the prelude to what is to come.

After this challange there is a fight, this can end in discussions or also physical altercations and ends usually that the Brat gives in.

In the end, the Brat gets punished which can culminate in a high level of humiliation and physical torture as well as being physically & mentally put in her place.

Most Brats favor rape play or consensual non-consent play exactly because it gives them the freedom to push how far they want and the Dominant can react as they want.

In the End, Brats want other people to have free range to put them down – however they also rely on the Dominant not to pick something truely hurtful like certain feelings as punishments.

What are the problems with this type of Submissive?

Because they like pushing so much almost all brats are master manipulators and/or body language readers and know exactly how to rile up the people around them – that can get pretty ugly because most (but not all) Brats don’t see a difference between stuff they can push on because it is safe for play and Areas that touch sensitive relationship issues they shouldn’t use to push.

Also, Brats need the fight and controversy in their life to be really free and happy, which means they need a partner that can give them that. Most brats want to fight at full strength but still lose, which means their partner needs to be stronger on all levels.

This kind of behavior actually risks their relationships quite a lot because weak points of their partners get often exploited and not all partners are okay with that kind of behaviour.

Is it worth it?

Being together with a Brat can be extremely rewarding especially for an experienced Dominant.
You can have non-stop play even when other people don’t realize it and sessions can go extremely deep and have lots of variations.

There comes however a high level of time investment and commitment with this kind of fun because the next time the submissive wants to be put into her place is not in the far future – so best really know what you get into here ­čÖé

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