Advents Calendar 2018 – Day 25

Merry Christmas to you all!
We have a Final Task for today…

If you did the whole Calender and didn’t have an orgasm for the whole time you are allowed to have one today.

But as always there is a catch: You have to draw it out, edge multiple times first and then have that nice und fun explosion.

So draw a bath, read something exciting or please your Dominant over the day and tease yourself till the evening – then give in to the bliss…

I want to say thank you for all the feedback I got over the past 24 days. I had multiple people that chatted me up and told me how much fun they had. You amazing people shared writings, pictures and voice messages with me and I’m really happy about how this Calender was received by others. I will definitely consider more projects like this.

We also want to wish you and your Family again a Merry Christmas and of course als a Happy New Year.
In the next weeks we will post some more content for the Blog and also will start to work on some side Projects again so hopefully we see you here again.

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