I’m a male Dominant from Europe/Germany and welcome you to these pages.

On this Blog, I provide Information about BDSM and myself.
I also use this Website as my personal diary.


About Me

Naturally, I like to lead – not only in the bedroom but also, if I can, in the world outside the Kinksphere. 

I love to do little side projects and to write and communicate with people of different backgrounds.

I draw a lot of enjoyment from deep discussions about sex, science, politics & the world in general.

I can have a very realistic view but try to have a positive attitude,  this is why people experience me mostly as insight and helpful.

I’m never interested in the quick ‘gratification’ thing – my way and how I play is more long-term oriented.

I don’t like one night stands, I don’t enjoy play without commitment and I don’t want to spend time on somebody with the wrong values.

Play is for me about the other person, I like to get to know my submissive, learn about her and create a scenario together with her in which we can mix fun, pleasure & self-improvement together.

I always get to know my Submissives on a deeply personal level and build a relationship with her.

Loyalty & Honesty are the most important things I give & demand from my Submissive.

The bond with my submissive is very important to me – they are the people I trust and they need to be able to trust me, so I make sure to be as transparent as I can…

    My strengths

    I’m very good at reading and understanding people which gives me some unique views and insights especially in play sessions. I can ascertain likes and fears really quickly and can so make sure to have interesting and challenging play scenarios.

    I also learned over the years when to hold back and when not. I don’t fear to be a Dominant – I just am.

    What kind of Dom am I?

    In general, I like to play with my submissive´s mind and mix her and my sexual likes together.

    The personal feeling and well being of my Submissive is very important to me.
    I’m not only all about sex, tasks, and punishments – I enjoy deep conversations about science, dreams and the world.

    I have a wide range of interest´s and a genuine interest to get to know my Submissive.

    I also like to nurture and educate my submissive in sexual and non-sexual topics, depending on interests of her and my own needs for play.

    In the end, I have no desire to see my Submissive fail in life or to break her in a bad way.
    In fact, I like to push my sub to her limits so she can expand her horizon, learn and be successful.

    How I play

    I only have a couple of things that I like in play that I always get in my Dominant role. That means that I can actually get into and have fun with almost any play situation my Submissive wishes for…

    Be it spankings, pet play, primal, self-improvement or fetishes – I can almost always find fun and fulfillment in it.

    I like to play fluently – that means there is no situation I couldn’t just do whatever I want with my submissive. A normal conversation can end in play or play can go over to a normal conversation.

    It´s just a part of life…